Pre-conference meetings


To take full advantage of the presence of the larger DARIAH community in Warsaw, some of the bodies, Working Groups, and other parties have scheduled meetings adjacent to the regular Annual Event programme. On this page, we list the meetings that we are aware of, along with their organizer, whom you may contact in case you have any questions. If you are the organizer of a meeting you would like to see listed here, please let the CIO team know (


Tuesday 14 May


2nd Workshop on DARIAH AAI NG for Service Providers

9:30-18:00, room 265 (University Library)

Organizer: WG Federated Identity Management for DARIAH (


JRC meeting 

14:00-17:00, room 254 (University Library)

Organizer: Andrea Scharnhorst (


DESIR Steering Committee

15:00-17:00, room 264 (University Library)

Organizer: Marco Raciti (

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